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Issue 300 of Flash Art features Stuart Krimko and Arlo Haskell in conversation with Claudio Iglesias about Belleza y Felicidad: Selected Writings of Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Pavón.

SculptureCenter announces Now Showing: Belleza y Felicidad, a retrospective of poetry booklets by the Buenos Aires literature and art collective, to be held in New York January 25–March 30, 2015.

Belleza y Felicidad: Selected Writings of Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Pavón will be released by the Press on February 23, 2015.

Sand Paper Press is named among David Kordansky’s Top Ten Cultural Influences in T: The New York Times Style Magazine.

Pinholes in the Night: Essential Poems from Latin America (Copper Canyon, eds. Forrest Gander and Raul Zurita) includes an excerpt from Héctor Viel Temperley’s “Hospital Britanico,” originally translated by Stuart Krimko for The Last Books of Héctor Viel Temperley.

The Spring/Summer issue of Fence includes three poems by Cecilia Pavón, translated by Stuart Krimko.

Stuart Krimko’s “Studio Visit” is published in Issue No.1 of The Third Rail

Arlo Haskell’s “Freddy Cabanas” is published in Jai-Alai Magazine #7.

Animal Shelter #3 includes work by Fernanda Laguna, translated by Stuart Krimko.

Issue 4 of the Miami Rail includes reviews by Arlo Haskell and Stuart Krimko.

Shawn Vandor’s “The Story of Michelle,” originally published in Fire at the End of the Rainbow, is now available as an ebook from Thought Catalog.

Arlo Haskell’s “Dog” is published in Maggy Issue 4.

Casey McAlduff reviews The Last Books of Héctor Viel Temperley for the International Poetry Library of San Francsico.

Cecilia Pavón’s “A Post-Marxist Theory of Unhappiness,” translated by Stuart Krimko, appears in Night Papers III (Night Gallery, Los Angeles).

John Beer reviews The New Tourism for the Harry Mathews Symposium in the Quarterly Conversation.

Fernanda Laguna’s Control o no control: Poemas 1999-2011 is available from Editorial Mansalva (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Stuart Krimko returns from Buenos Aires, where he has been working on the manuscript of Belleza y Felicidad: Selected Writings of Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Pavón, forthcoming from Sand Paper.

Arlo Haskell interviews Robert D. Richardson for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

The Last Books of Héctor Viel Temperley is an “Editor’s Choice” in the summer issue of BOMB Magazine. Lila Zemborain’s review says Stuart Krimko’s translation “beautifully reproduces [Viel Temperley’s] rhythmic reverberations … and maintains, with an awe-inspiring precision, the lyric potency of the Spanish originals.”

Zoland Poetry correspondent P. Scott Cunningham interviews translator Stuart Krimko and publisher Arlo Haskell for an in-depth look at The Last Books of Héctor Viel Temperley

Ian Dreiblatt reviews The Last Books of Héctor Viel Temperley for Sink Review, saying “It’s rare to read anything that so totally perceives the book and body as recipes for each other, the connection between the serial and the infinite as so intimate.”

The Last Books of Héctor Viel Temperley is reviewed in the Hey Small Press! February book list.

Harry Mathews’ The New Tourism is reviewed by David Seed in the Dalkey Archive Press Review of Contemporary Fiction Volume XXXI.

The Press has received a gift from the Fund for Poetry to support future projects.

Harry Mathews discusses The New Tourism and other things with Laird Hunt in The Believer.

PROSUR, Translation Support Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Argentina, has granted funding support for Belleza y Felicidad, by Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Pavón, translated by Stuart Krimko. Publication is forthcoming.

Harry Mathews’s The New Tourism has been chosen as a “Book of the Year” by the Times Literary Supplement (London).

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