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The Sweetness of Herbert

Stuart Krimko is the author of The Sweetness of Herbert (2009) and the translator of The Last Books of Héctor Viel Temperley (2011), both from Sand Paper Press. His poems, essays, and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in Fence, Maggy, the Poetry Foundation website, Post Road, and Vanitas. His first book from Sand Paper, Not That Light, was published in 2006 and received a grant from the Fund for Poetry. Krimko has worked for many years in the art world, holding directorial positions with Max Protetch Gallery in New York and David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles. A third collection of poems, Hymns and Essays (2012), is available from Mal-O-Mar.

by Stuart Krimko
The English poet George Herbert (1593-1633) developed simple, auric figures and parables that chart trajectories of hope and despair. In The Sweetness Of Herbert, his second book of poetry, Stuart Krimko uses a wide range of formal techniques in an attempt to test the efficacy of Herbert’s existential coping methods. The boredom of daily life, the almost-certain entropic effects of the passage of time, and the surprising enthusiasm that is somehow born of these conditions all come under review. No formal rock is left unturned, as Krimko uses and abuses rhyme, enjambment, syntax, and varied diction like grimy wooden playthings. References to Judy Blume, Rogaine, spring break, William Blake, Gabriel, the Commodore 64, and the poet’s own name are made, exemplifying Krimko’s belief that, “Even when the world is menacing, it sings.”

The Sweetness of Herbert by Stuart Krimko
“Stuart Krimko’s poetry is ineffably light, intensely serious, and full of bewitching surprises. Each time I read him, I love the world again.”
—Harry Mathews